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BioCam - Daily Echo


Impact statements

'Dr. Blair Thornton and his team's ground breaking work in seafloor 3D visual mapping has a broad spectrum of applications outside of ocean science, ranging from defense to offshore asset integrity monitoring. Consequently, Sonardyne International Ltd. are extremely pleased to support him and his team to mature and translate the technology for use in these diverse applications.'


Geraint West, Global Business Manager for Oceanography, Sonardyne International Ltd.



"BioCam allows us to investigate huge areas of the seabed at millimetre scale resolution – a tool that could really support marine monitoring and conservation. The approach could provide evidence about how effective measures like marine protected areas are at conserving our environment, and help us understand how damaged areas of the seafloor recover with time."

Hayley Hinchen, Marine Habitats Monitoring Manager, Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) 


'The ground breaking R&D by Dr. Blair Thornton and his team in seafloor 3D visual mapping and in-situ underwater chemical sensing has spurred applications in space exploration.  NASA is developing a new astrobiology sensing platform, named InVADER, that will demonstrate new technologies for the search of life on the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn.  InVADER leverages Thornton’s pioneering analytical and instrumental work and takes his insights as a starting point for an innovative approach to the search for life in our solar system.'

- Pablo Sobron, PhD, Research Scientist at SETI Institute & Founder/Sensing Wizard at Impossible Sensing

- Laurie Barge, PhD, Research Scientist in Astrobiology, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.