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The Team

Blair Thornton

Associate Professor

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science (FEPS)
School of Engineering
Department of Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering (CMEE)

Adrian Bodenmann

Senior Research Assistant

Teaching contributions: 

    SESS6072 Maritime Robotics Laboratories
     SESS6070 Offshore Engineering &     
     Analysis Laboratories

Miquel Massot

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Teaching contributions: 
    SESS6072 Maritime Robotics Tutorials

Subhra Kanti Das

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Jennifer Walker

PhD (2017 start: NEXUS and LTDS)

Student poster winner: UT2019 Taiwan

3 minute thesis competition 2019: UoS finalist and People choice award winner

Jin Wei Lim

PhD (2017 start: LTDS )
Student poster winner: Oceans 2018 Kobe, Japan

David Stanley

PhD (2018 start: CTD-SIS)

Takaki Yamada

PhD (2018 start: Government scholarship)

Jose Cappelletto

PhD (2019 start: Industry sponsor Sonardyne Int. Ltd. and LTDS)

Teaching contributions: 
     SESS6072 Maritime Robotics Laboratories
     SESS6070 Offshore Engineering &
     Analysis Laboratories

Michael Leat
(Alumni - MEng 2019)

UG project awarded the 2018 SMI Donald Maxwell Award

Team members in 2019 onboard DY109/BioCam on RRS Discovery. Bottom row (UoS) David Stanley, Takaki Yamada, Blair Thornton, Jose Cappelletto, Adrian Bodenmann, Miquel Massot Campos and top row (NOC MARS) Richard Austin-Berry, Phil Bagley, Rachel Marlow, Eoin O Hobain, Owain Shepherd

Team members on board the Falkor, FK180731

Team members in 2018 onboard the R/V Falkor, FK180731, Left to right: Tomoko Takahashi, Kazunori Nagano, Jennifer Walker, Adrian Bodenmann, Tetsu Koike, Blair Thornton, Miquel Massot, Jin Wei Lim, Yuya Nishida, Kiminori Shitashima